Pure Tea presents you a complete new tea product. Trendy, pure and authentic. The taste, the aroma, the colourful tea-leafs and the extraordinary shape of the teabag make drinking tea a true experience. Surprising sorts of tea, 100 % biological, compiled from the superior first picking: the finest tea-leafs of the season, picked by hand and of the best quality.

The Pure Tea tea plantation is situated in China at the Tian Hu Shan, an imposing mountain in the Tianshan mountains in the province of Ningde. The Tian Hu Shan is 1300 meters high and consists of several levels overgrown with cultivated woods. Ideal for tea cultivation, because each year there is a rainfall of 1900 mm pure water. The forest and the natural humidity give the mountain a nutritional ground, which makes a terrific soil for the plantation.

Pure Tea works exclusively with the only organisation in China who may handle three kinds
of biological certificates: OTRDC, USDA and BCS.

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For more information, mail us at: info@pureteacompany.com

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